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Best Bitcoin Mixer in 2022

Bitcoin mixers, also called tumblers or blenders, are services that are mixing your bitcoin with the bitcoin of other users in their pool. This way it becomes very hard to impossible to track where the coins came from or where they are going. There are many mixing services on the market, and it can be very hard to find a trustworthy service that seems to fit your conditions.

First, let’s talk about the different types of Bitcoin Mixers.

Types of Mixers

1. Centralized Bitcoin Mixers

Centralized Bitcoin Mixers are services that have their pool of coins on their balance sheets, and these coins are mixed with the cryptocurrency of the clients who applied for participation. These services work according to the following principle:

  1. Users transfer the desired amount to a given address
  2. Coins getting mixed with the available coin stock.
  3. New, cleaned coins are transferred to the address specified by the client.

Additionally, these mixers mostly have the option to delay the incoming coins to enhance the layer of anonymity. The mixing fees are generated randomly to make it harder to do chain analysis and trace the transactions.

What the service provides:

– No logs
– Easy usage
– Fast & responsive 24/7 support

– very low fees (<0.5%)
– Optional: time delays and mixing codes
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2. Decentralized Bitcoin Mixers (Peer-To-Peer)

This kind of Bitcoin mixer allows users to directly exchange coins, while the service does not have any separate function at all. Using a protocol (CoinSwap, CoinJoin, or SharedCoin), clients can join forces and execute one general coin exchange transaction, which is completed as the required number of participants is reached. Neither senders nor recipients keep each other’s addresses, they are known only to the tumbling service. Most of the time you have to download software to use this kind of mixing service.

Examples: Wasabi Wallet, Samourai Wallet, CoinJoin (How to use)


Which mixing service should you use?

Transaction anonymity is getting harder to achieve, especially on a technology designed to keep meticulous records. Bitcoin mixers give people a chance to take control of their privacy and keep their transactional history anonymous. There are many risks associated with mixers, especially when it comes to giving over control of your funds. However, the industry has a lot of reliable and trustworthy blenders that deliver what they promise. Whether centralized or decentralized, the choice is ultimately yours.